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Atlas Poetica : Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions — August 4, 2007

A Journal of Poetry of Place in Modern English Tanka

Issue 1, 2008

Modern English Tanka Press is pleased to announce its new journal, ATLAS POETICA: A Journal of Poetry of Place in Modern English Tanka. In light of the overwhelming response of poets to the anthology, Landfall: Poetry of Place in Modern English Tanka (due out later this year), Modern English Tanka Press has decided to publish a biannual journal devoted exclusively to the subject of poetry of place in modern English tanka. To be printed in an 8.5" x 11" format, the new journal will publish single tanka/waka/kyoka and its variants, as well as sets and sequences. The first issue is scheduled to come out in the Spring of 2008. The deadline for submissions is 1 January 2008 for the premiere issue, Atlas Poetica 1.

Atlas Poetica will be edited by M. Kei, who edited the anthology, Fire Pearls: Short Masterpieces of the Human Heart, and will showcase previously unpublished tanka in English and English translation from around the world. The Atlas welcomes individual tanka and sets and sequences that are deeply steeped in the human and natural landscape, reflecting the particularities of life as it is lived in all its splendid interconnections. Atlas Poetica believes that diversity, locality, tradition, innovation, and a keen sense of the awareness of the web that binds the internal and external environments together is the essence from which poetry springs. It is by connecting with this place, this moment, and these experiences of life that we achieve deep insight and appreciation for ourselves, our neighbors, and our world. “Sense of place is not just something that people know and feel, it is something people do.”—Albert Camus

Before submitting poetry, please carefully read the complete guidelines which are available at www.atlaspoetica/submit.html along with information regarding rights sought, schedules, deadlines, and more. Submissions and inquiries may be sent to the editor at: submissions (at) AtlasPoetica (dot) com.

For further information contact:
M. Kei, Editor, Atlas Poetica
AtlasPoetica (at) gmail (dot) com
or visit:

Please share widely and forward to all appropriate forums.

M. Kei
Editor, Atlas Poetica: A Journal of Poetry of Place in Modern English Tanka

Denis M. Garrison

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