Sunday, July 22, 2007


Dear Friends and Poets,

It was long overdue, but today I finally figured out how to change the name of the mailing list without having to delete it and start over from scratch. The new mailing list name is: Keibooks-Announce, the web address for reading it online is:, and the subscribe/unsubscribe addresses: and respectively.

In other works, simply substitute 'Keibooks' for 'Seamark' in your old listings, and everything should work fine. If you have any questions, please email me at the address below.

The mailing list will continue as it has, posting occasional announcements about Fire Pearls, Heron Sea, and my others projects. In a slight change, I will also post announcements relating to my scholarly work which had not been carried by the list before. Again, these will be short, informative, and infrequent. It will include announcements regarding updates to the Bibliography of English-Language Tanka hosted by and other projects of general interest. All poets and editors are invited to visit the Bibliography and send corrections and additions.

I also maintain a personal blog, called Kujaku Poetry, located at, which receives more frequent, lengthier, infomral, and diverse posts, including poetry at:

Thank you for your support and good wishes over the past year.



M. Kei

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