Monday, August 06, 2007

Blurb: Heron Sea

Many thanks to Jim Doss, co-editor of the Loch Raven Review for providing the following blurb:

From the impassioned introduction to last poem, M. Kei has created a gem of a book that sparkles like the waters of the Chesapeake. These short poems paint a clear-eyed portrait of the bay from the point of view of someone who not only lives in the area but works on the water. As you read, it's impossible not to feel the spray of salt in your face, hear the flap of osprey wings in the air, see the silver gleaming of fish and the blue crawl of crabs below the surface. In both his nature and personal poems, Kei's hard-earned love and respect for life cuts through the fog of everyday living like the Thomas Point Lighthouse. A must for anyone residing in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Highly recommended.

--Jim Doss, Co-Editor of Loch Raven Review

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  1. M. Kei,

    Happy to give you the endorsement. It is a fine book.