Friday, February 08, 2008


A busy month. The proofreading for Atlas Poetica is done and she is going to print. We are on schedule for our March 1 debute. Buy at

I have a new and special project in the works, but hush. That press release will come out later. You'll see.

Slow Motion my book of log poetry from my voyages on the Skipjack Martha Lewis last fall is coming along well. Tentative release date, April. More specifically, after I get my tax refund. Poetry doesn't pay, it costs. It will be coming out from Modern English Tanka Press.

This past week I was done with a nasty stomach bug. I was throwing up and having the runs. Throwing up is something that rarely happens to me. It means I'm very very ill. Throwing up so violently I hurt myself is a new and unpleasant development. I seem to be over the illness portion of the bug, but I'm still sore. I've missed most of work this week, which is bad. I'm a member of the working poor. Compensation is simple: if you work, you get paid. If you don't work, you don't get paid. What is this 'sick leave' people talk about?

Edwards has thrown in the towel. After reading Clinton and Obama's websites, I conclude that there's not much difference between them. A bleeding liberal like me ought to be giddy over having a woman or an African American to choose as serious contenders for president, but I don't agree with either of them about Iraq. Still, I expect I'll vote Obama as the person most likely to do me and other people with disabilities some good. Not that any of his proposed reforms will do me any personal good, but having been there before, I see very much that they need doing. Sadly, when used his website box to 'contribute your ideas to the Obama campaign', I immediately received a plea for money that showed not even a form letter response to my comments. So much for being a man of the people. Money is everything.

Will post more later when I get caught up, have time, and complete past due tasks that have been delayed by my illness.


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