Friday, February 15, 2008

Thank you and Update to Keibooks

The following announcement was posted to Keibooks-Announce:

For all of you who have written your kind responses to my previous email, thank you very much. I am honored that Fire Pearls (Perryville: Keibooks) has gained a place in your hearts.

By now you may be aware of some other projects I have been working on, including last year's publication of my first collection Heron Sea, Short Poems of the Chesapeake Bay (Perryville: Keibooks), as well as the forthcoming Atlas Poetica : A Journal of Poetry of Place in Modern English Tanka (Baltimore: Modern English Tanka Press), and now the forthcoming newest project, Take Five : Best Contemporary Tanka of 2008 (Baltimore: Modern English Tanka Press).

Up until now I have utilized the link to make it as easy as possible to find Fire Pearls, but since I published a collection of my own last year and plan to publish additional books this year and next, I have changed the storefront's name to Keibooks. The new URL is: , effective immediately. Please update your bookmarks. As always, you can find the storefront by using Lulu's search box.

As always, you can find additional information about myself and my projects at my blog .



M. Kei
Publisher, Keibooks

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    I was tagged by Poet Hound and I am tagging you to participate in the "Six Word Memoir Challenge."

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    Don Wentworth, Lilliput Review