Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tomoe Tana's History of Japanese Tanka Poem in America Needed

I have lost my copy of Tana's master's thesis and I'm desperate to replace it.

Tana, Tomoe. The history of Japanese tanka poetry in America. [HJTP] San José: San José State University, 1985. [thesis-M.A]

The only copy is located at San José State University. It doesn't circulate so I can't get it through interlibrary loan. I got a cooy through the gay grape vine a couple of years ago, but I no longer know anyone that works there. I need a copy of this to update my own History of English-Language Tanka. I will gladly trade one of my books for a photocopy of Tana's thesis. Please email me if you're near San José and are willing to get a complete photocopy of the thesis and mail it to me.


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