Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cosmo Jarvis' Gay Pirates

21 one year old straight man Cosmo Jarvis has made a corker of a music video, which you can see here:

'Gay Pirates' is not camp, send up, Jack Sparrow love-in, or anything else funny or fluffy. On the contrary, it's a lovely and tragic love ballad about a pair of gay sailors on a ship full of homophobic pirates and the price they pay for being true to each other. Good lyrics, low cost but effective filming, and total artistic control by the singer-songwriter make for an absorbing and moving video. This is one of the best things I've seen on YouTube. You can also download a free acoustic version of the song by visiting his website.

Most young artistes are short on gravitas and long on being hip; but this interview with After Elton shows an intelligent young artist with a heart and courage. Unlike some straight actors who feel like they have to defend their masculinity and straightness in the media, Cosmo Jarvis places the onus on those who would challenge and denigrate. Read the whole interview here:


M. Kei, author of Pirates of the Narrow Seas, award winning gay nautical adventures

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