Sunday, April 25, 2010

Take Five: Best Contemporary Tanka, Volume Two (2009) Completed

April 25, 2010

The editorial team of Take Five : Best Contemporary Tanka, Volume Two, have completed the editorial process. Final selections have been made and the manuscript is now being prepared for publication. It will be available for sale through the MET Press bookstore in May, 2010.

The editorial team consisting of M. Kei, editor-in-chief (USA), Sanford Goldstein (JP), Patricia Prime (NZ), Kala Ramesh (IN), Alexis Rotella (USA), and Angela Leuck (CAN), read all contemporary tanka published in English during 2009 totaling more than sixteen thousand poems. Sources ranged from tanka journals to social media to musical performances to chapbooks and many other formats. The result is Take Five : Best Contemporary Tanka, Volume Two, showcasing tanka, tanka prose, and tanka sequences by 140 poets from more than a dozen countries, with cover art by Alexis Rotella. 

Congratulations to all the poets! It is your hard work and talent that make editing the Take Five anthology series such a rewarding challenge.

Poets appearing in Take Five, Volume Two:

A. A. Marcoff
A. Thiagarajan
Adelaide B. Shaw
ai li
Alex von Vaupel
Alexis Rotella
Amelia Fielden
An Xiao
Ana-Maria DiVera
André Surridge
Andrew Cook-Jolicoeur
Andrew Riutta
Angela Leuck
Annette Mineo
Audrey Olberg
Aurora Antonovic
Aya Yuhki
Barbara Strang
Becky DeVito
Belinda Broughton
Bell Gale Chevigny
Beverley George
Bob Lucky
C. W. Hawes
C. William Hinderliter
Carol Raisfeld
Carole MacRury
Carolyn Eldridge-Alfonzetti
Carolyn Thomas
Cathy Drinkwater Better
Chad Lee Robinson
Chen-ou Liu
Cherie Hunter Day
Claudia Coutu-Radmore
Colin Stewart Jones
Collin Barber
Cor van den Heuvel
Curtis Dunlap
Cynthia Rowe
Dave Bacharach
Dave Bachelor
David Lee Kirkland
David Rice
David Terelinck
Dawn Bruce
Deborah P. Kolodji
Denis M. Garrison
Don Miller
Dorothy McLaughlin
Elaine Riddell
Ferris Gilli
Francis Masat
Gautam Nadkarni
Geert Verbeke
George Swede
H. Gene Murtha
J. Andrew Lockhart
Jade Pandora
James Tipton
Jane Reichhold
Janet Lynn Davis
Jared Carter
Jean LeBlanc
Jeanne Emrich
Jeffrey Woodward
Jo McInerney
Joanne Morcom
John Martell
John Quinnett
Joyce Sandeen Johnson
June Moreau
Kala Ramesh
Karen Cesar
Kathy Kituai
Kathy Lippard Cobb
Kirsty Karkow
Kisaburo Konoshima
Kozue Uzawa
Kris Lindbeck
Larry Kimmel
Laurence Stacey
Lenard D. Moore
LeRoy Gorman
Liam Wilkinson
Linda Galloway
Linda Jeannette Ward
Lois Harvey
Lorelei Jolie Polden
M. Kei
M. L. Grace
M. L. Harvey
Magdalena Dale
Margaret Chula
Margarita Engle
Maria Steyn
Marian Morgan
Marilyn Hazelton
Marilyn Potter
Mark Rutter
Mary Mageau
Max Ryan
Megan Arkenberg
Melissa Dixon
Michael Ketchek
Michael McClintock
Miriam Sagan
Natalia L. Rudychev
Owen Bullock
Pamela A. Babusci
Pamela Cooper
Pamela Miller Ness
Patricia Prime
Patrick M. Pilarski
Paul O. Williams
Paul Smith
Peggy Heinrich
Philip Miller
Philomene Kocher
R. K. Singh
Randy Brooks
Raquel D. Bailey
Reiko Nakagawa
robert d. wilson
Robert Kusch
Roberta Beary
Roger Jones
Ruth Holzer
Sanford Goldstein
Sean Greenlaw
stanley pelter
Susan Marie La Vallee
Terry Ann Carter
Tess Driver
Thelma Mariano
Tom Clausen
Vasile Moldovan
William Hart
William I. Elliott

Take Five : Best Contemporary Tanka, Volume Two, is published by MET Press of Baltmore, Maryland, USA, and will be available for sale through the MET Press bookstore in May, 2010.

MET Press (Modern English Tanka Press)

For questions or comments about Take Five, contact editor-in-chief, M. Kei, at: take5tanka (at) gmail (dot) com. 


  1. M. Kei:

    Do you post the presses from which the poems were selected?

    Don Lilliput Review

  2. Yes we do. A complete list of credits is in thre back, and so is a complete list of venues consulted.