Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Tanka Non-Fiction

Because some of you have asked. Here is a listing of non-fiction about tanka that I have written, with pointers on where to read it. Most of it is available free online. Abbreviations are from the 'Tanka Venues' list approved by the Tanka Society of America for use in their publications. Find it at the Research Desk of

Kei, M., '11 Good Kyoka; Experiments in English.' MET 1:1. Autumn, 2006.
—'Alternate Lineation in Tanka.' MET 2:4. Winter, 2007.
—'American Gothic Tanka.' MET 3:3. Spring, 2009.
—'The Art of the Book : The Anthologies of Giselle Maya.' MET 2:4. Winter, 2007.
—'The Autobiography of the World.' [editorial] ATPO 2, Autumn, 2008.
—Bibliography of English-Language Tanka., 2006-2008. ; Tanka Teachers Guide. Baltimore, MD: Modern English Tanka Press, 2007.
—'Earth as Poetry.' [editorial] ATPO 1. Spring, 2008.
—'A History of Tanka Book Publishing in English.' MET 1:2. Winter, 2006; AJTS. Spring, 2007; [Revised] MET 2:4. Winter, 2007.
—'Introduction.' Jun Fujita, Tanka Pioneer. Denis M. Garrison, ed. Baltimore, MD: Modern English Tanka Press, 2007.
—'The Labyrinth of Tanka.' MET 2:3. Spring, 2008.
—'LILR Index.' LILR, 2007.
—'List of Anthologies Containing Tanka in English by Date.' Baltimore, MD:, 2007.
—'Structure and Autonomy in Tanka Sets and Sequences.' MET 2:1. Autumn, 2007.
—'Tanka and Duende.' MET 1:4. Summer, 2007.
—'Three Qiuestions (Tanka).' Blogging Along Tobacco Road. 5 April 2009.
—'Twitterati, Or Microblogging Tanka Poets.' [editorial] ATPO 4. Autumn, 2009.
—'Two and Three Line Tanka.' MET 2:4. Winter, 2007.
—'You Can't Take a Bus Up a Cliff.' [editorial] ATPO 3. Spring, 2009.

Modern English Tanka journal online:
Atlas Poetica online:

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