Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Recent Twitter Tanka

I enjoy Twitter. It's so much simpler, but so ephemeral. Here then are some of my recently tweeted tanka. Some of them will appear in my forthcoming collection, January, A Tanka Diary, due out this fall.

I don’t seem
to have anything
profound to say,
limp leaves on the tree are
just another juxtaposition

graveyard of insects
every morning
the heap of the dead
who flung themselves in vain
at the light

the Prince
with butterfly wings
and tinfoil sword—
when I was ten,
what was my quest?

but still attached
these two clamshells
something like
a husband and wife

I am not Basho,
I am that peasant
he found
digging potatoes
along the road

the trees 
begin to talk,
tossing their green heads
and whispering 
about the weather

cargo shorts,
what dreams 
will I stuff
into these pockets

three dollars 
to live on 
until Friday
slips in 
through the keyhole

1 comment:

  1. good to read your tanka again. I particularly like your Basho and the prince poems here.