Saturday, January 28, 2012

Google search now useless

Wow. Google search just destroyed itself. I'd been reading about the new 'personalization', wondering what it would mean to me -- it means Google search is now completely useless. I just did one of my usual searches and it returned eight hits. 8! Six of which are pages I posted myself. Yeah, when I'm 'searching' for info, I just want to talk to myself and not learn from anybody else.

I switched over to incognito search, did the same search, and got ten PAGES of results. Some of that is garbage, but most it returned lots of hits on things relevant to my topic that I didn't write.

I went over to and got 111 hits.

Google, stop trying to 'help' me! You've ruined gmail as it is, Google+ 'real names' policy sucks rocks through a garden hose (even with the new changes), and now you've gutted the best thing you had going.


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