Monday, October 24, 2011

Visually Impaired Kindle Users Group

I don't normally post forwards, but I care very much about people with disabilities being able to access things the rest of us take for granted, so I'm posting this notice about the Visually Impaired Kindle Users Group


As you may know, Timothy Emmonds and I started a group to share tips for visually impaired people on how to use the Amazon Kindle for reading. We want it to be useful to people so we need it to grow.

I am asking two people to send this whole message keeping the subject as is to two more people they know who might be interested in learning more about whether the Amazon Kindle would work for them. Even if a person getting this note is not fond of Amazon or the Kindle, I hope they will pass this message on to two people in order to give them the option of joining and sharing.

All we ask is you send this message to two people.

Here's the point:

Subscribe to the discussion group Visually Impaired Kindle Users Group list by sending email with 'subscribe' in the Subject field.

Thanks for your help. Feel free to share on groups too.

Nan Hawthorne
Visually Impaired Kindle users Group

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