Saturday, September 17, 2011

Atlas Poetica a victim of Google Identity Police

Help! I'm a victim of the Google identity police. With their new 'real name policy', my journal Atlas Poetica's email account is now locked and slated for deletion with no way for me to appeal.

I ran afoul of the new policies for Google+ when I accepted an invite for my journal, Atlas Poetica, whose email address is Atlas Poetica at gmail dot com. I put the data for the journal, including its founding year as its 'birth year'. This flagged me for underage. I then used my charge card to pay 30 cents to correct my birthdate. That was denied and my account is now flagged to be deleted in 30 days, with no information at all how to appeal this.

I'm assuming the charge card proof wasn't accepted because the charge card has my personal name, not 'Atlas Poetica.' This 'real name' policy is really really stupid. I know lots of small presses that use gmail for their email. Further more, I use a pen name for damn good reason -- I'm gay and I work in a profession where I could lose my job if employers knew, and I've also been the target of harassment (vandalism to house and car, assault), so that when I moved to a new town, I went back in the closet. Google has no right to force me to out myself and run the risks to life, health, and property. Furthermore, my pen name is a valuable asset, I have published under that for five years now and I am successful in my chosen field under that name.

I want my journal's account back. How do I get it?


M. Kei
Editor, Atlas Poetica

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