Saturday, October 02, 2010

#Applefail - no iBooks for You!

You can't access iBookstore unless you have an iPad or an iPhone. No, you're not allowed to even look at the catalog and browse. Period. You must shell out hundreds of bucks before you can even look and see if there's something you want to buy. By contrast, I can view the Kindle store from any kind of machine I want. I downloaded the Kindle for Mac app and I can read and buy books from the Kindle store on my Mac. Sadly, it the Mac version does not enable text to speech. That's a big shortcoming. So, I looked into iBookstore because Apple has an excellent record for accessibility.

The first requirement of 'accessibility' is that you can actually ACCESS something. Which, you can't. Unless you're rich and can afford to own a zillion expensive gadgets. Which I can't.

I have an iMac. You'd think that when Apple was thinking about, "Who is going to buy books from the iBookstore?" the answer would be, "All the millions of loyal customers who already own Apple products!" But nooooo. If Apple won't even support its own customers, who will?

Kindle, that's who. Not only is there a Kindle app for the iMac, there's a Kindle app for the iPad. #amazonwin

Apple, we've been married since 1988. I've been faithful to you all this time, sticking up for you when other people said you were nothing but bling and flash, but you've let me down one too many times. You're just not meeting my needs. You look great, but at my age, I don't care. I want somebody that will actually pull his weight around the house. I can't count on you when I need you.

So sorry, Apple. I'm seeing somebody new and his name is Kindle. Monday I pick him up and he moves in. It'll be better for both of us. Okay, it won't be better for you, but who cares? It's time to put myself first.


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