Saturday, June 06, 2009

My Very Gay Wedding

Tanka poet 'Andrew' has established a blog that is one giant personal ad, tanka venue, and blog on gayness, love, and relationships. I admire his hubris, and the blog (unlike most) is actually interesting to read. I'm tired of 'gay blogs' that are nothing more than ads for porn sites, or else the rants of the political disaffected. Being gay means being more than a political penis. It means being human, and that means looking for love and having positive relationships, including the Big One: marriage. With all due respect for those who chose singleness, relationships matter. Humans are a social animal.

As for myself, I admit to having harbored the notion that somebody reading my blog might have liked what he read, drop me a line, we chat and find ourselves to enjoy it, and progress from there. Well, I have had some of those enjoyable chats, but we have not 'progressed from there.' Maybe I should be blatant about my desire to obtain a partner?

Here I am, all grown up, the various crises of life safely behind me. All thee things that sapped my energy over the years are resolved and cleared away. I'm comfortable with who I am and how I live. My health has never been better. My children are grown. (Maybe I shouldn't say that. I makes me sound so very old....) My car is paid off. My debts are paid. I'm decent in the looks department. I have a brain and I'm not afraid to use. I can construct a grammatical sentence. I'm employed. I have hobbies that don't involve embalming fluid or insurance waivers. If you're interested, or just morbidly curious, look kujakupoet at

Good luck to us both, and everybody else looking for love in a wired world.


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