Saturday, April 18, 2009

End Poverty and CEO greed

The simple fix for both poverty and greed of corporate executives is simple: Tie CEO pay to his employee's pay. If the CEO 'deserves' a huge increase for bringing profits to his company, then surely all the people under him who did the actual work to make it happen deserve it, too.

Therefore, cap CEO compensation at no more than 50X what his lowest paid employee receives. This leaves corporations free to decide what the CEO's value is worth--and requires them to also consider what the people under him are worth. A corporation works together--its employees should be rewarded together.

This law will not affect the self-employed and small businesses, and it won't adversely effect the big businesses that have been behaving ethically (there are some). It will only effect those tempted to play games with the world.

Simple, easy, and could be implemented tomorrow. It requires no radical change in structure in the economy or the way we do business. America keeps operating as always, but this time the employees share the rewards.

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  1. I could not agree more!! What a symple plan yet structured to completely surround the American People with security! CEO's have been taking and taking for years with no reguard for those who made them who they are. It's about time they had to look at the people around them and remember that we are all linked together and if one tumbles we all fall down...including and especially big, untouchable, overpaid, CEO's.