Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tanka Splendor Awards 22008






Sponsored by AHA Books

1. Thirty-one tanka and three tanka sequences will be awarded publication in Tanka Splendor 2008 and for each winning entry the author will receive a $20. gift certificate for books from AHA Books.

2. Deadline: Midnight September 30, 2008. Do not send entries before June 1, 2008, please.

3. Each author may submit either a group of up to three (3) unpublished tanka or one tanka sequence of any length. All material must be original and not under consideration elsewhere.

4. There is no entry fee.

5. Individual tanka should be in English, written in five lines containing 31 or fewer syllables, preferably without titles.

6. The tanka sequence should consist of a title with three or more tanka, each of which contains 31 or less syllables written in five lines.

7. Send your entry either by using the form below. It works fine even though it may tell you it doesn't have any idea of what is happening - so don't worry. You will get a confirmation that your poem has been received and accepted. Entries may also be sent by regular post. These will be entered in the contest but the author will be unable to take part in the judging. Send mail entries, typed on sheets of paper to:

TS2008 Contest
pob 767 / 1250
Gualala, CA 95445

8. The judging will be done only by the persons with a valid e-mail address who have entered the contest. Each contestant will receive an e-mail with an address on the web showing the anonymous poems for judging. The contestants are invited to declare their choices for the best single tanka and best sequence. After tabulating these votes the 31 single tanka and three sequences which receive the most votes will be published as Tanka Splendor 2008 as an AHA Books Online and winners will be notified with the gift certificates.

9. Rights return to authors upon publication. Entries cannot be returned.

Send your tanka entries to the Tanka Splendor Awards Contest with this form. Be patient with the funny form. It may seem to scramble your lines, but be reassured that when they come to me they are okay. I will send you a confirmation and you can see then that the computer was kind after all.

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Back editions of Tanka Splendor for the years 95, 97, 98 and 99 are still available from AHA Books for $5.00 each postpaid. Send a check by post to AHA Books, pob 1250, Gualala, CA.

Tanka Splendor Awards Contest and rules are Copyright © AHA Books 1989 - 2008.

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