Thursday, November 29, 2007

FREE Resources for learning about TANKA

The following resources are FREE online, and include ARTICLES and TANKA. Many of them have reading lists and link lists to direct you to further resources.

The Tanka Teachers Guide can be downloaded for free at

In addition, Modern English Tanka journal can be read free online. In addition to the many poems in it, you will find scholarly articles, explaining and analyzing different elements about tanka

Tanka Online has poetry and articles and a recommended reading list

The Tanka Society of America has a web page with some articles and some tanka aims to be the megasite for tanka information. It has a Reading Room with reference material and poetry, including tanka being read aloud by poets (anyone can contribute sound files).

The Anglo-Japanese Tanka Society publishes both tanka poetry and articles about tanka

Happy studying!


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