Friday, September 14, 2007


I have received the letter from Biken International confirming me as the grand prize winner. They also send copies of their magazine, which includes the following announcement:

Announcement of the Results of the Second World Poetry Contest

In December 2006, the Second World Poetry Contest was held in New York. This contest saw many works of a high quality, represented by the contributions from the Society of America. Among their poets, the work produced by M. Kei was awarded the highest award. The highly emotional sensitivity of the author caught the heart of the readers.

The Major Award-Winning Works

M. Kei

my mother
planted a plum tree
to have blooms
when her heart
was winter weary

~from Poetry Renaissance Magazine, Vol. 02, 15 June 2007, Tokyo, Japan

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  1. Congratulations M. Kei! Well deserved! These poems are amazing little gems. Most of your poems carry the theme of the sea (which I most enjoy!)--but these give us a much deeper insight into the soul of the poet. What an honor--my heartfelt congrats.