Saturday, December 16, 2006

Bird Haiku

I love blue herons, but other kinds of birds interest me as well. I am interested in the birds I see before me and I am trying to learn their names. So many of the birds, such as the crow and wild goose, have become cliches in poetry. It is hard to write about them. But less common birds and their habits are excellent fodder for poetry.

the slate-backed junco—
a little bit of storm cloud
hopping around my yard

Previously appeared in Nisqually Delta Review, Winter/Spring, 2007.

On a night like this,
not even the owls
have anything to say.

Previously appeared in Haiku Harvest, Spring/Summer, 2006.

low tide,
ducks and yachts
coast into the marina

Previously appeared in Clouds Peak, Fall, 2006.

Traffic radio,
"Wild turkeys in the road."
Rush hour, country style.

Previously appeared in 'Wandering the County,' Honorable Mention, Lighthouse Poetry Contest, 2006.


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