Friday, June 09, 2006

Submission Policy - Please Read

Yes, I am an editor as well as a poet. No, I do not accept unsolicited submissions. No, I will not critique your poetry/novel/blog/love life/velvet elvis collection/anything else.

I am single, but please verify my gender before proposing marriage/sex/dating. I'm bisexual so it doesn't matter to me what gender I am, but it might matter to you. No, sleeping with me will not increase your chance of getting published. If you do propose, please be advised that I find literacy and good bodily hygiene attractive.

If you wish to bribe your way into getting published, please send books (my wish list is on the right) and chocolate (make sure it's the good stuff). These bribes will in no way increase your chance of getting published, but I will enjoy them.

When I am open to submissions, it will be posted in the right hand column under 'Links.' Oh look! There's two posted right now! Kyoka Mad Poems and the Chesapeake Bay Saijiki. This means that if you read and follow the directions pertaining to those projects, I will read your submissions and treat you just like everybody else who has had the courtesy to read and follow directions. If your work does not pertain to my projects, is your friend. Try: Directory> Art> Literature> Poetry> Forms> Haiku and Related Forms.

I believe my responsibility as an editor means giving my energy and attention to the projects to which I am committed. The people participating in those projects have the right to expect the best I can give. I am a volunteer, I do these projects because I love them and I believe in them. Doing them is the equivalent of a second, unpaid job. Actually, in my case, a third job. I have my regular full time work, then my job as a volunteer crewman aboard a historic wooden sailing vessel, and thirdly, my poetry responsibilities.

I also have the right to have the time and energy to devote to my own creative writing, study, and development. I chose a blog because a blog, by definition, is an informal, unscheduled, personal opinion space that I can use and ignore at will. If I had wanted to meet deadlines and keep quotas I would have founded a journal.

If you are not serious about your work, but just want to yak because the urge hit you, that is what the 'comment' button at the end of the posts is for.


This post close-captioned for the humor-impaired.

Oh c'mon. I write kyoka! Satire is expected! If it's not expected, you need to reread my blog and pay better attention.

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